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The Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra is celebrating seventeen years fulfilling its mission to produce live orchestral performances providing entertaiment, education and inspiration for our northern Michigan community.

Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra

Photos contributed by Maggie Poxson, August 18, 2017

"The location of our first concert. Vienna Votivkirche."

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Photos contributed by Joanna Van Eizenga, August 18, 2017

"Venue for our first concert in Vienna!"

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Photos contributed by Dibby Smith, August 18, 2017

"Day 3 was in Vienna, about an hour away. We went straight to the Votivkirche where the concert would be and left instruments, music etc. there. Beautiful, sunny day but in the mid/ nineties. We walked to the center of the city but one of our group was needing to rest and have food, so Scott and I stayed with her and then walked her back to a park by the church. The others went on to visit St. Stephan's church. Amazingly we caught up with the group and all headed for the Hofburg museum. A couple more people were feeling the heat and the walking so we made the great sacrifice of doing our favorite pastime in Europe- sitting at outdoor eating places watching the world go by. Scott made a couple more trips back to the church helping people get there. I walked over 13000 steps that day, so he must have walked 20000!

The concert was so exciting. Our tired, hot musicians played beautifully! We were so proud. There were 80 to 100 people in the audience and they enjoyed it. Libor's parents, sister and nephew were there, and his nephew presented him with a white rose at the end. Then back onto the bus to Vienna."

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The masters at work

St. Stephan's



Our concert venue!


Libor's family

The Vision of the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra is that we will be
"the Resident Chamber Orchestra of Northern Michigan that produces a sustainable, high-quality product that delights the community."

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