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The Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra is celebrating seventeen years fulfilling its mission to produce live orchestral performances providing entertaiment, education and inspiration for our northern Michigan community.

Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra

Photos contributed by Maggie Poxson, August 22, 2017

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St Michael's gate, Bratislava Slovakia

The rest of the building...

Photos contributed by Joanna Van Eizenga, August 22, 2017

"Esterhazy Palace/Vienna"

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Photos contributed by Dibby Smith, August 22, 2017

"Day 7 we went to Eisenstadt first and saw Haydn's house. We also visited the Haydnsaal (concert hall) in the Esterhazy Palace. What a beautiful space! Libor has performed there several times. Alice went onstage and sang a little to demonstrate the acoustics. Wow. Then we went back to Vienna, where we split into a few groups. A few of us toured the Opera House, others went to the Albertina to see an exhibit entitled From Monet Through Picasso, and others went to Schonbrunn Palace. Some of us walked over to the Bird Garden to see a butterfly exhibit but stopped for lunch first and didn't make it to the butterflies before they closed - but we had a great lunch! We walked through the grounds of the Hofburg Palace and to the Volkesgarten, then back to the Opera House and our bus pick-up spot and back to Bratislava. Another great day!"

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Haydn's home when he worked at Esterhazy

Our tour guide


Rob guarding the palace

Esterhazy courtyard







Opera house



Standing room

The curtain (made of iron)

The Albertina

Our lunch spot



A timely memorial to visit...



Back of Hofburg

In the Volkesgarten

The Vision of the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra is that we will be
"the Resident Chamber Orchestra of Northern Michigan that produces a sustainable, high-quality product that delights the community."

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