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The Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra is celebrating seventeen years fulfilling its mission to produce live orchestral performances providing entertaiment, education and inspiration for our northern Michigan community.

Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra

Photos contributed by Maggie Poxson, August 24, 2017

"From the inner courtyard off the castle and in St. Vidas Cathedral."

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"Our concert venue, in Prague. Built in the 11th century, still operating as a church."

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Our poster on the door of the church


Our stage

Guarding the Bass

Seats and organ

Photos contributed by Liz Bert, August 24, 2017

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Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague

Sobering reminder of an abominable past

Photo contributed by Joanna Van Eizenga, August 24, 2017

"Prague nightlife"

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Photos contributed by Dibby Smith, August 24, 2017

"Day 9 - Prague. We went back to the main square in the morning while the musicians had a rehearsal . Got pics I forgot to take before, of the tredelnik stand and the ham stand. Mostly just wandered around, then back to the hotel to get the bus. We all went up to the castle and walked around the grounds, visited St. Vita cathedral. Then we walked on up to the Strahov Monastery Library. (Some of us, anyway!) Of course it was closed for lunch, but we went to the brewery right there and had yummy beer and bread. Mistake was ordering a pitcher - it took about 15 minutes to fill ( and repeatedly de-foam) it! Finally we visited the library and saw multiple manuscripts from as far back as 860. Wow. Fascinating exhibit! When we finished there we took the Pattengales to see the museum of ancient instruments. It was as amazing as we remembered from our previous trip! Then we took a cab back to the hotel to get ready for the concert. The concert was in a beautiful old church. We went with Carolyn to find the church, then found a restaurant close by and had a lovely dinner. The concert was excellent, the acoustics entirely different from in Vienna! The audience loved it. After the concert we went back to the restaurant for dessert! Then back to the hotel. New record for me - over 19,000 steps!!"

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Ham cooking over charcoal

Tredelnik cooking



Arriving at the castle




St. Vita Church (Libor holding red umbrella)



The windows were amazing




Our pitcher

Bottoms up!!!

The monastery



Ancient manuscripts






Libor and family getting a treat

These are the sidewalks we've been doing all the walking on!

A small sampling of the instruments


Glass harmonica

Quarter tone piano

The site of our concer

Poster on the door

Libor chatting with the audience

Paul and Libor's solos


The musicians after a successful performance

The sponsors

Prague by night

The Vision of the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra is that we will be
"the Resident Chamber Orchestra of Northern Michigan that produces a sustainable, high-quality product that delights the community."

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