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The Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra is celebrating seventeen years fulfilling its mission to produce live orchestral performances providing entertaiment, education and inspiration for our northern Michigan community.

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Photos contributed by Maggie Poxson, August 26, 2017

"Boat ride to Devin, where the Danube and the Morava rivers meet."

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Castle Bratislava from the Danube

Along the Danube


Devin Castle wall from boat

Out boat

Walking to the Castle gate

Devlin. From below

Tribute to men that have their lives at the iron curtain.

Devin Castle wall


Mozart performed here in old town Bratislava in the year 1762

Photos contributed by Liz Bert, August 26, 2017

"Boat trip down the Danube River"

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Top of the castle — at Devín Castle


Danube Boat Trip to Devin Castle

Devin Castle

Photos contributed by Joanna Van Eizenga, August 26, 2017

"Took the boat to Devin Castle, first built in 400 BC and destroyed by Napoleon. This is about 10 km from Bratislava."

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Top of the castle — at Devín Castle

Top of the castle — at Devín Castle

Photos contributed by Dibby Smith, August 26, 2017

"Day 11 - Another day, another castle! We took a boat ride up the Danube to Devin Castle, on the junction of the Danube and the Morava rivers. It is really just the ruins of an ancient castle. There is a cute little town just below the castle. On the way from the dock we passed a couple of memorials. One marked where there used to be a barbed wire fence across the Danube to keep people from trying to swim to the other shore, which is in Austria. They shot those who dared try. A bit farther was a memorial, bullet-pocked, to the Iron Curtain. The castle ruins sit high on the hill. Many of us walked up to the top (my phone said 12 flights) and the views were worth it!! It was in the 90s so a cold beer tasted great at the bottom! Then back to Bratislava and free time. Many of us met up at a restaurant for dinner - we stayed and had a drink but then went to a lovely little Italian restaurant we had heard about and had a yummy dinner."

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The whole group together!!!









Dinner (John didn't want to be in the picture)



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