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The Vision of the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra is that we will be
"the Resident Chamber Orchestra of Northern Michigan that produces a sustainable,
high-quality product that delights the community."

Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra

Audition Application

Repertoire required for each instrument is listed below. Orchestral parts can be found at, and printed at no charge. Links are given for each part.

1st movement of any standard concerto

Any single movement of a solo Bach Sonata or Partita

Orchestral excerpts, 1st violin parts:
Mozart Symphony #40, 1st and 4th movements

Mozart Symphony #39, movements 1, 2 and 4

Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings, 1st movement

1st movement of standard viola concerto

Movement from J.S. Bach's cello suite

Orchestral excerpts:
Beethoven: Symphony no. 5, excerpt from the 2nd movement

Berlioz: Roman Carnival Overture, (m. 36-66)

Mendelssohn: Midsummer Night’s Dream, Scherzo, (m.17 until Reh. D)

Mozart: Symphony no. 35, 1st movement (m. 41-66)

Movement of standard concerto

Movement from J.S. Bach's solo cello suite

Orchestral excerpts:
Mozart, Symphony No. 35 (Finale), beginning to A; 10 mm. after D to E

Beethoven, Symphony #5, opus 67, 2nd movement, meas. 1-10; 49-59; 98-106; 114-123

Mendelssohn, Midsummer Night's Dream (Scherzo), C to D; M to O

The Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra (GLCO) currently is celebrating fifteen years fulfilling its mission to produce live orchestral performances providing entertaiment, education and inspiration for our northern Michigan community.

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