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The Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra is celebrating seventeen years fulfilling its mission to produce live orchestral performances providing entertaiment, education and inspiration for our northern Michigan community.

Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra
Musicians for Events

Bayshore Strings
    Carolyn McConaha
    (231) 935-4035

Mike Davis Trio
    Mike Davis
    (231) 357-4870

Silver Strings Entertainment
    Linda and Peter Tolias
    Violin, viola, cello, guitar.
    Classical and Jazz ensembles
    (231) 599-1029

Traverse Trio/Quartet
    Ann Schoelles
    Oboe/English Horn,
        Viola, Violin, Cello
    Multiple genres of music.
    (231) 342-7201

Trillium Strings
Festivo Strings
    Strings Trio, violin and cello.
    Also available for solo work.
    Lorna Uber:
        (231) 818-1244
    Maggie Poxson:
        (231) 881-8196
Kaylee Erlewein
    Solo, duo, or chamber groups
        available upon request.

Steven K. Leonard
    Solo, duo, or chamber groups
        available upon request.
    (404) 210-5615

Michael Erwin
    (231) 409-0904

Julie Schleif
    (231) 275-4676

The Vision of the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra is that we will be
"the Resident Chamber Orchestra of Northern Michigan that produces a sustainable, high-quality product that delights the community."

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Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra